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April – What To Do In The Vegetable Garden

April is a fun time in the allotment or vegetable garden. Things are starting to grow, but not just the things you want … the weeds start to grow including the dreaded mares or horse tail. This will send up shoots with pods on the end that release spores to spread the plant. If you […]


Allotments and the Corona Virus

With all the worry about Covid-19, we all need to be careful. There is no reason you cannot go to your allotment during this time and plant, but you do need to take some sensible precautions. Many allotment owners are elderly and in the high risk groups, plus you do not know if any have […]

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March – What To Do In The Vegetable Garden

March is when it all starts to get busy in the vegetable garden as, hopefully, spring is on its way and the weather is warming. However, for many of us, March now means frosts and snow as the weather is colder and unpredictable. Interestingly, in the UK, March 25th (The Feast of the Annunciation or […]

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February – What To Do In The Vegetable Garden

Feburary is usually a cold month for us, with many in more northerly climates will still have snow on the ground and frosts are still common. This is a month where you really need to understand what the growing conditions are where you live. For some further south, planting will be possible, but for most […]

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Allotment Jobs For The Autumn

Well, summer is officially finishing, and if you live where I do, it never really got started. It’s been a mediocre summer with plenty of rain and cool, damp weather. Powdery mildew has loved it and many of my plants are suffering from this fungal infection now. While it has been a good year for […]

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How To Ripen Your Tomatoes

By August/September time, many of us gardener’s are nervously looking at our tomato plants wondering if they are going to ripen. Most tomato plants will continue to produce flowers well into September, and sometimes even longer. These late flowers are highly unlikely to become fruits so they are best removed so that the plant can […]

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Six Tips For Tomato Growing Success

Tomatoes are probably the most popular vegetable plant (though really it’s a fruit) grown at home. Many people try to grow these every year to various degrees of success. But what do you really need in order to successfully grow tomatoes? Here are six tips that will help you grow strong, healthy tomato plants that […]