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April – What To Do In The Vegetable Garden

April is a fun time in the allotment or vegetable garden. Things are starting to grow, but not just the things you want … the weeds start to grow including the dreaded mares or horse tail. This will send up shoots with pods on the end that release spores to spread the plant. If you […]

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March – What To Do In The Vegetable Garden

March is when it all starts to get busy in the vegetable garden as, hopefully, spring is on its way and the weather is warming. However, for many of us, March now means frosts and snow as the weather is colder and unpredictable. Interestingly, in the UK, March 25th (The Feast of the Annunciation or […]

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Growing Tomatoes – Starting Off Your Seeds

Most people start their tomato plants off from seed, which isn’t particularly difficult to do. The advantage of growing from seed is that you have access to a much wider choice of varieties. When you buy pre-grown plants you can usually only find a few of the most commonly grown varieties. Pre-grown plants are useful […]