Your Guide to a Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Garden

"Environmentally Friendly Gardening" is a guide to how the home gardener can become more environmentally friendly. Whether it is attracting insects, sequestering carbon or reducing your carbon impact, this book will tell you how to be eco-friendly and help the environment.

It is surprising how much of an impact gardens have on the environment, particularly this modern need for sterile environments full of artificial grass, wooden decking or carefully laid out flowers. If you think about how gardens were ten or twenty years ago, there is a singificant difference now that is not so good for insects or wildlife.

This book has been written based on the need for us all to make changes in the way we life so we are living in a more ecologically sound way. Whether this is reducing our use of plastic, using sustainable materials, or planting for insects is entirely up to you, but the more each of us can do, the more chance we have of averting an environmental crisis.

As you read this book, you will learn about all aspects of environmentally friendly gardening from creating an eco-friendly soil to planting for insects and much more. You will understand the environmental impact of a garden and what you can do to garden in a way that causes less pollution and creates a better environment in your garden.

As you read "Environmentally Friendly Gardening", you will discover:

  • What an eco-friendly garden is and why you need one
  • How to plant for insects and save declining populations of vital pollinators
  • Which insects are beneficial and how to attract them into your garden
  • Using companion planting to reduce your need for chemicals
  • Why a healthy soil ecosystem is important and how to make your soil healthy
  • Ways to reduce your carbon footprint, including making your own compost
  • That weeds can be your friends and beneficial in an eco-garden
  • How to make 'reduce, reuse, recycle' your new gardening mantra
  • Methods to reduce your use of plastics in your garden

There is a lot we can all do to make our gardens more environmentally friendly and reduce our negative impact on the environment. This book covers many different subjects and gives you a lot of ideas about what you can do in your garden.

Start gardening in a way that benefits the environment and enjoy a garden thriving with life and beauty. Environmentally friendly gardening doesn't mean a boring garden, but you can create an incredibly interesting, good looking garden that is a pleasure to sit in. Start creating your eco-garden today with "Environmentally Friendly Gardening".