No matter how much space you have to grow in, sooner or later, you will realise you have run out of space and need more. Sadly, we can’t just click a button and expand our gardens or allotments.

What you have to do is make the most of the space you have and be creative so that you can grow more in that space. You will be surprised just how much you can grow in the space when you grow smarter!

For example, today I sowed three rows of lettuce in one of my raised beds and three rows of carrots in another bed. Both take a while to germinate and grow to maturity, so the space is ‘dead’ space while I am waiting for them to grow.

So what have I done instead?

I have used interplanting. In between the rows of lettuces and carrots, I have planted rows of radishes, which are fast growing. These will have matured and be harvested before either the carrots or lettuces have grown big enough for the radishes to be a problem for them.

Interplanted vegetables

This is just one of the many ways you can maximise your yield in the space you have.

But what about growing vertically? We all grow horizontally, but what if we could grow upwards as well as along? That would really increase the amount of fruits and vegetables you can grow in the space you have.

Take a used two litre drink bottle, remove the label and wash it out. Then cut a strip out of one side about three quarters of the length of the bottle and a couple of inches wide. Screw the lid on tightly and then hang it on a wall or fence. Fill it with a good quality compost and plant herbs, strawberries or something similar in it.

Now you have cheap planters that mean you can turn walls and fences into productive vegetable gardens.

Vertical garden in stacked plastic bottles
Vertical garden in stacked plastic bottles

There are many more ideas and ways what you can grow more in whatever space you have available to you. Vertical gardening is an amazing way to maximise your use of space, allowing you to significantly increase how much you harvest.

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