"Growing Herbs - A Beginners Guide To Growing, Using, Harvesting and Storing Herbs" is for everyone who wants to grow herbs at home. Whether you are growing them to attract bees, for use in the kitchen or for their health or beauty properties, this book walks you through everything you need to know to successful grow 49 different types of herb.

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of species of herb and plenty of varieties within that. Some are easy to grow, some are harder, but many common herbs grow wild as weeds yet have a multitude of uses that many of us have forgotten about. "Growing Herbs" is written to provide you with everything you need to know to grow 49 different herbs, harvest and store them and use them in your home.

When you read this book, you get tips, pointers and advice from a plant expert showing you how to avoid the common mistakes people make when growing herbs plus how to deal with the most commonly found problems.

"Growing Herbs - A Beginners Guide To Growing, Using, Harvesting and Storing Herbs" is packed full of information, tips and advice, including:

  • Why Grow Herbs? - understand why people grow herbs at home and the many benefits not only to you, but to our declining insect population.
  • How To Grow Herbs - a guide to growing herbs indoors, outdoors, in containers, vertically and hydroponically plus the common mistakes to avoid.
  • Starting Herbs From Seed - how to successfully germinate seeds that will lead to healthy, fully grown plants.
  • Pests and Problems - some of the common pests and problems that you will encounter when growing herbs, plus how to treat them and minimize the risk. Later in the book, you learn what specific pests and problems each herb may encounter.
  • Drying and Storing Herbs - how to dry your herbs so they will store for months, if not years, including some clever freezer techniques!
  • How to Root Cuttings - a guide to rooting cuttings for free plants or to propagate your current plants.
  • Making Herbal Mixtures - how to use your herbs for healing by making infusions, decoctions, tinctures, poultices and more.
  • Growing Instructions - step by step instructions on how to grow 49 different herbs, including how to care for them and harvest the herb.
  • Culinary Uses - detailed information on how each herb can be used in the kitchen.
  • Health Uses - traditional and modern health uses for each herb and how they can benefit your health.
  • Beauty Uses - simple yet effective beauty uses for each herb to make your skin, hair and more look fantastic.
  • Recipes - multiple delicious recipes to make in your kitchen and simple beauty recipes for every one of the herbs in the Herb Directory.

And of course, much more. This detailed guide teaches you everything you need to know to successfully grow your own herbs at home. Whether you are new to herbs or have tried to grow herbs before and want to know more, this book is for you. With everything from germinating seeds to harvesting and storing the herbs plus detailed information about every single plant, this is a complete guide to growing and using herbs.

Find out today how you can successfully grow herbs at home as "Growing Herbs - A Beginners Guide To Growing, Using, Harvesting and Storing Herbs" teaches you everything you need to know to produce a bountiful harvest of 49 different herbs at home and how to use them in the kitchen and more! Whether you are growing herbs indoors or outside, this book has the information you need to grow and use these amazing plants.