A Complete Guide To Composting At Home

New and updated second edition, with a step by step guide to building your own compost bin, new information and the latest in the best composting methods!

"Composting Made Easy - A Complete Guide to Composting at Home" is for anyone who wants to know more about how to produce their own eco-friendly compost that is one of the best feeds for your plants! Home-made compost is a secret behind many a competition winning vegetable.

However, many people think that composting is just throwing things in a pile and letting nature take its course, there is much more involved with it. I wrote this book to help explain everything you need to know about making your own compost from the ground up. This simple, step-by-step guide will teach you everything you need to know to get making compost in your garden today.

When you read this book you will get tips and pointers to help you really make the most of composting and reap the many benefits of producing this brown gold at home.

When you read this book you will discover:

  • Why composting at home is so beneficial and how it helps not only the environment, but your plants too
  • The many uses of compost in your garden from mulching to foliar sprays and more
  • An understanding of how composting works and the exact conditions needed for compost to happen</li?
  • Which compost bin is best for you, whether it is a tumbler, a plastic bin or a home made bin
  • The must have compost accessories as well as those that aren't necessary
  • A step by step guide to building your own multi-bin compost pile from pallets in under an hour
  • Which items you can safely compost, which you must never compost and the correct ratio of materials to rapidly produce fresh compost
  • Why turning your compost is so important but also why it doesn't matter if you can't!
  • What hot and cold composting is, how they can benefit you and when to use each method
  • How to set up your own worm farm at home so you can benefit from this incredible compost
  • Exactly what leaf mold is, how to make it and why it is useful for you as a gardener
  • How to make compost teas and why they are so beneficial for your plants
  • How to avoid the common mistakes people make when composting and deal with any problems that may come up
  • And much, much more great information helping you to make the most of composting

Composting is something every gardener should be doing and is a great way of recycling your waste material and turning it into a productive and beneficial substance that your plants will love. There are so many benefits to your plants from producing your own compost that you will definitely notice the difference not only to your plants but to your pocket too. It is quick, easy and something anyone can do to get the most out of their garden.

Enjoy your adventure in composting as "Composting Made Easy - A Complete Guide to Composting at Home" explains all about the many exciting ways to produce your own compost. Discover how composting can benefit you and your garden.