Chemical Free Methods to Reduce Pests, Combat Diseases and Grow Healthier Plants

"Companion Planting Secrets - Organic Gardening to Deter Pests and Increase Yield" is for anyone who wants to learn more about companion planting. Discover how you can reduce your use of chemicals, attract beneficial insects and improve the quality of fruits and vegetables just by putting the right plants together.

Companion planting can be overwhelming because there is so much information. This book cuts through all the old wive's tales and gives you clear, concise and to the point information on how to improve your plants through companion planting.

This complete, step-by-step guide teaches you everything about companion planting, showing you what plants work together. As you read this book, you will be surprised to find out how simply by moving some of your plants around you can increase yields, deter pests and prevent diseases. This is a powerful gardening technique that is becoming increasingly popular as more gardeners learn to grow in harmony with nature.

This book teaches you everything you need to know about companion planting, showing you exactly which plants to put together and which should never be planted as neighbors.

In "Companion Planting Secrets", you will discover:

  • Exactly what companion planting is, its history and why it is so beneficial to gardeners
  • The best companions for many vegetables grown at home as well as those that should never be planted together
  • The best companions for a number of different flowers, helping the flower gardener also benefit from this gardening technique
  • How to use green manures to enhance the soil so you can grow better crops
  • What plants make good companions for herbs and what herbs can help your vegetables
  • Which trees you should never plant near and how to help your trees be healthier
  • How to control pests with companion planting, reducing many of the insects that normally decimate crops
  • Which insects you want to attract into your garden and how you can not only attract them, but get them to stay
  • Why crop rotation is vital to healthy soil and low pest populations
  • The weeds which benefit your plants and your soil
  • Companion planting is a very important technique for any gardener, being a great way to naturally reduce pests and control diseases. It is powerful and requires very little extra work on your part; just move around some of your plants and you can benefit from companion planting!

Enjoy learning about companion planting as "Companion Planting Secrets" teaches you everything you need to know to practise this technique in your garden. Your plants will benefit from companion planting and you can learn exactly how to use this to protect your plants and increase their yield.