A Beginners Guide To Growing Fruit and Vegetables All Year Round

"Greenhouse Gardening : A Beginners Guide" is for anyone who wants to know how to get the most out of their greenhouse. Whether you want to extend your growing season, grow unusual plants, grow tomatoes or protect your valued plants from the frost, a greenhouse is an essential item for any gardener.

Greenhouses are incredibly useful but many people don't make the most of their greenhouse and it soon either gets filled with clutter or turns into a jungle of uncontrolled plants. This book provides you with a complete guide to growing any type of plant in a greenhouse and how to make the most of this precious space. With the information in this book, you will be able to avoid the many pitfalls and issues people encounter when buying, building and using their greenhouse, meaning you will save both money and time!

As you read this book you will learn everything from choosing the best type of greenhouse for your needs to building the best type of foundation and even buying used greenhouses. You will learn how a greenhouse can extend your growing season and let you grow plants that you would otherwise be unable to grow. Plus you will get detailed growing guides for the many of the most popular greenhouse crops.

In "Greenhouse Gardening : A Beginners Guide" you will learn:

  • What to look for when buying a greenhouse whether new or used
  • Choosing the best type of glass, flooring, construction material and foundation to ensure your greenhouse has a long life and stands up to the elements
  • The difference between a greenhouse and a polytunnel/hoop house, and which is best for your needs
  • How to build a solid foundation for your greenhouse that stops weeds and keeps in the warmth
  • Why air-flow and cooling are so vital and how to prevent humidity damaging your plants, avoiding some common plant diseases found in greenhouses
  • The best way to heat your greenhouse and the differences between the different heating systems
  • How to irrigate your greenhouse to automatically water your plants and protect them from heat damage
  • The difference between growing in the ground versus growing in containers, and when to use each method
  • To secure your greenhouse against the wind and protect it from damage
  • How to start seedlings successfully in your greenhouse and grow them on into healthy plants
  • Growing tomatoes, chillies, peppers, citrus plants, squashes, cucumbers, grapes, tropical plants and more in your greenhouse
  • What to do to prepare your greenhouse for the growing season
  • Overwintering your greenhouse and extending your growing season into the colder months
  • Avoiding the potential problems associated with owning a greenhouse
  • Dealing with the potential diseases and pests you will encounter in your greenhouse
  • How to ensure your plants are successfully pollinated in your greenhouse
  • Growing year round and producing great yields
  • The best way to clean your greenhouse to combat diseases and pests

A greenhouse is an essential item for any gardener, particularly those in cooler areas and can make a big difference between your tomatoes ripening and you having to make do with fried green tomatoes! When you read this book you will avoid the many frustrations a greenhouse owner can face, learning how to use your greenhouse effectively to get a fantastic harvest every year, no matter what you grow.

Enjoy owning your greenhouse as "Greenhouse Gardening : A Beginners Guide" explains all about the potential pitfalls and how to avoid them. Discover the many benefits of owning a greenhouse today and how you can grow your own vegetables, plants and flowers all year round!